• Our Solutions

    Our solutions are designed to help you get the most out of technology so you can better serve your students, parents, and faculty.


Developing a scheduling solution that balances the requests and needs of your students with maximizing time, facilities and staff resources can be a challenge.

At PSTechgroup, creating that balance is our specialty.

Standards based Reporting

We offer complete design and implementation services for standards based assessments for your school and know the best practices to make set-up and reporting as efficient and scalable for the evolution of your reporting needs as possible.

Implementation & Data Conversions

We have years of experience guiding districts through the best practices and potential hazards of converting from your old SIS system. Get set up right the first time!

Custom Web Pages

Why not take something that works, and make it even better? There are a lot of great customizations out there, but we can help you make any page look and work like it was meant just for your school.

Report Cards & Transcripts

We specialize in creating custom reports, but we’re especially creative in devising effective solutions for Report Cards and Transcripts. If you can mock it up, we can do it!


We are always just an e-mail away for you to get the best answer to any questions or issues you may have. We also offer on-site support for important times of the year when you want to ensure any potential issues can be handled in person quickly and adeptly!


Whether it be for an audience of one or one hundred, we can customize training to the topics you need to know. There are no out-of-the-can rigid agendas from PSTechGroup. We don’t set the agenda – your specific and unique needs are the agenda! One of the most underappreciated aspects of using a student information system is enabling users to know how to do things confidently, consistently and efficiently!

“As the district’s primary Powerschool administrator I highly recommend using his services, especially if your district is new to Powerscheduler or if you have new personnel creating schedules.”

- Madeline Grant,Levittown Public Schools, Levittown, NY

“I value Greg’s insight and trust his judgment completely.  I can’t recommend Greg and PSTechGroup highly enough!”

- Heather Machanoff,Oyster River High School, NH

“Greg’s ability to translate a school’s need into a working solution in PowerSchool is magic.”

- Celinda Bailey,Madison County High School, Virginia