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    PSTechGroup was created by Greg Satterwhite in 2006 as a result of his recognition of the growing demand for personalized and customized Student Information System solutions and training.


Greg Satterwhite

As a former Nordex & PowerSchool training specialist and technical support manager, Greg has been working with schools all over the world since 1998, specializing in Scheduling, Implementations, Support, Reporting, Interface Customizations, and the emerging trend in Standards Based Reporting. The one common theme in the feedback we consistently receive is that we don’t just know how the technology works; we actually know how schools work!

Greg Satterwhite is the President and Principal Consultant for PSTechGroup, located in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Along with several talented consulting associates, we’re eager to help you Empower your school community with the Knowledge, Tools and Solutions to succeed.

If you have a question, or are interested in working with Greg, you can reach him by email at greg@pstechgroup.com.

Greg Satterwhite


We proudly serve hundreds of school systems in the USA and all around the world.

“He is always quick to respond to queries, and supportive and reassuring in moments of panic!”

- Emma Dixon,Leysin American School

“Greg’s ability to translate a school’s need into a working solution in PowerSchool is magic.”

- Celinda Bailey,Madison County High School, Virginia

“People come away from his sessions with new insight, understanding and that “light bulb” experience. Greg’s calm and kind demeanor make him very approachable and easy to work with. We couldn’t recommend Greg’s services more highly.”

- Bridget Anderson,American School of The Hague